The soundtrack for Madnesscrazy's Adventure.

Main theme:

End theme: Live Life

Hub 1: DreamEdit

Hub Theme:

The Begining of a Dream: In A Beautiful place out in the country

Cloud Jumpin':

Let's Slide:

Rocky Road:

Big Dog:

Rows of Teeth

Hub 2: DesertEdit

Hub Theme:

Sand in Shoes:


Shallow Water:

Eat my Dust: Rockslide Rumble


Plant with a Spine:

Hub 3: BugsEdit

Hub Theme:




Ant Hill:

Fly like Insects:

Spider Food:

Hub 4: VolcanoEdit

Hub Theme:


Ooh, Burn:

Fiery Frenzy:


Mountain of Fire:

Volcanic Rise:

Hub 5: Nightmare RealmEdit

Hub Theme:

Welcome to your greatest fear:

Ghost Toast:

Chase and Race: Aphex Twin

Hole of Nightmares:

The end is Nigh:

Slender Time:

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